Annual General Meeting : May 16th

Dear Members:
Our Annual General Meeting will be held on May 16th.Please be reminded that lunch is only provided for members that attend the meeting, and is complimentary for all members.







Become a GWIC Board Member

On May we will have the Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the 2018-2019 GWIC Executive Board will be elected. We have 15 roles on the board and you can be in one of them.

Do you know what the GWIC Board Members do? In summary, every role has specific tasks according with their role. But also, every month, they meet to make a report of their activities and to ensure that the GWIC By-laws are being followed, the membership activities are planned and being held, the GWIC members have their great benefits, there is good communication flowing to all GWIC members, and to review the club finances, but also, very important, to plan and organize great charity events.

Here is an example of one main task each GWIC board member does:

  • President- Protect the name, image and purpose of the club and the club’s By-Laws. 
  • Vice President- Chair events and recruit event committee members as needed.
  • Secretary- Prepare the agenda for the monthly board meeting and take minutes.
  • Treasurer – Collect money at all GWIC functions & pay all bills.
  • Charity Liaison- Identify charitable causes to support financially and organize monthly and annually recurring charity events.
  • Gazette Editor- Plan content for each Gazette issue and follow up on promised articles recruiting additional members for the Gazette Team as needed.
  • Gazette Layout- Review and approve graphical material for Gazette and assist with the creation of graphical material for Gazette.
  • Webmaster – Maintain and update the GWIC website and GWIC WeChat subscription account.
  • Advertising Coordinator- Contact advertisers & prospective advertisers and introduce GWIC Advertising (Gazette & Website).
  • Hospitality Coordinator – Secure locations for coffees, teas and monthly lunches, decide menu and negotiate price. And is responsible for the check-in of each such event 
  • Membership Coordinator – Responsible for implementing the GWIC Membership Policy and collect membership fees and issue membership cards.
  • Newcomers Coordinator- Be at GWIC events to greet and accompany new members.
  • Community Relations Officer- Be the central communication point with the GWIC Club leaders and email their calendar to the Gazette Editor and Webmaster monthly.
  • Activities Coordinator- Plan and conduct monthly trips or activities.
  • Discount Coordinator- Responsible for seeking out discounts from various venues around Guangzhou.

If you want more information, join the “Q&A about GWIC Board” Chat group.

Or contact the Nomination Committee members:

Celia Valdes, WeChat ID- Celia Valdes

Anna-Mariya Brossinski, WeChat ID- Anna-MariyaB 

Maggie Melkonian, WeChat ID- maggiemelkonian









GWIC Gala 2018

Thank you to everybody who supported the GWIC Charity Gala 2018!

It was a beautiful evening. All the proceeds of this event will go to Hopeful Hearts and Camino Home Foundation. These charities lend a helping hand to babies and underprivileged children around the Guangdong Province.

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