Become a Vendor for the 2018 GWIC Holiday Charity Bazaar

GWIC is happy to announce we are starting registration for vendors to the 2018 GWIC Holiday charity bazaar, this will take place on Friday November 9th, 2018 from 10 am to 3 pm at Oakwood Gold Arch, Er Sha Island, Guangzhou. Please find more details in the invitation (click here for file-> 2018 Holiday Bazaar Vendor Invitation (English


If you want to participate, please fill the Booth registration (click here for file-> 2018 Holiday Bazaar Vendor Booth registration (English)) and send the appropriate proof of payment to or email address. This payment is to help a GWIC selected charity organization.​


We are also accepting gift prizes for our raffle. And if you want to become a sponsor, please contact our advertising coordinators at

Any questions, please contact our vendor coordinator,

Celia Valdes

Mobile phone 185 6556 9027

WeChat ID- CeliaValdes



We hope you can support this charity event!



广州国际妇女会很高兴的宣布我们现在开始接受2018年广州国际妇女会假日慈善市集的展位报名,市集将于今年11月09日星期五在广州二沙岛金亚花园举行,更多的信息请看附页的邀请函。2018 Holiday Bazaar Vendor Invitation (Chinese)

如您有兴趣参与本次活动,烦请填写附页的参展报名表并连同付款证明一起回邮给此邮箱,这笔款项是用于帮助广州国际妇女会选择的慈善机构。2018 Holiday Bazaar Vendor Booth registration (Chinese)


如有任何疑问,烦请联系我们的参展商负责人:  Celia Valdes,手机号 185 6556 9027 或者 微信账号 CeliaValdes , 或者我们任一董事会成员,您可以从网页​​




Celia Valdes, 参展商负责人,


Holiday Charity Bazaar

Come and enjoy a great event.

Friday November 9, 2018

Oakwood Gold Arch Ersha Island Guangzhou

District 3 Er Sha Island Yuexiu District, Guangzhou


GWIC Membership 2018/2019 Registration


Our new GWIC year started on September 1st  2018.

We accept registration at GWIC afternoon teas and morning coffees. Application forms will be available for you to fill in on the day or if you prefer to bring along a prefilled form, you can download the form from below or our website: 

Please bring your passport or a copy of your passport – (spouses passport is required if you hold a PRC citizenship). 

Our preferred method of payment is cash but we will accept wechat.

Please find attached an explanation of this years membership.

GWIC Membership details /  Registration From