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Upcoming Events in September

webwxgetmsgimgSeptember 19: Taichi Session

Where: Guangzhou Chen Zheng Lei Taichi Center in Tianhe

When: Monday, September 19th at 9:30 until noon

Price: Free





September 21: Afternoon Tea

Where: Sofitel Hotel

When: Every third wednesday of every month

Cost: Platinum members are free

Classic members – 100 RMB per person

Guest – 150 RMB per person

Children: 0-6 year old are free, 6 to 11 year olds are 75 RMB per child, 12 year old and up are 150 RMB per child.

September 22: Welcome Back Lunch

SEPT 1920 half page flyerWhere: 1920’s Restaurant and  Bar

When: Thursday, September 22 at 12:00 to 14:00

Cost: 100 RMB per person

Menu: Exquisite German cuisine set menu





September 23: OutingWhere: Foshan (Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, Lingnan Tiandi, Zumiao Ancestral Temple)

SEP outing(1)When: Friday, September 23

Price: 90 RMB (excluding meals and other personal expenses)

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to consult with a board member or the latest Gazette.



GWIC Clubs await you to join!

Hi ladies, if you think Morning Coffee’s and Afternoon Tea’s are the only activities GWIC is offering, you’re totally missing out! There are tons of other clubs that ran by our members and here are some quick links, simply be in contact with the club leader if you’re interested!

If you’re new to Guangzhou:

If you have kids that aged 0-3:

If you have kids aged 3-6:

If you fancy reading books:

If you’re into crafts:

If you like to be out and explore the city a bit more:

If you like to play outdoor sports or some indoor games:

If you’re a professional woman and can’t join any activity during the day:

We will be starting to renew and accept new memberships for 2016-2017 GWIC year at our afternoon tea at Sofitel on 15th June from 1.30pm. The Platinum will be 800/-rmb and Classic will be 300/-rmb.

This year everybody will be required to present identification. In case of any doubts please feel free to ask any Board member. We hope to have a wonderful and exciting new GWIC year. See you this Thursday the 2nd of June at the Coffee morning too. Thank you