Board Members

The Guangzhou Women’s International Club has an Executive Board which consists of the following positions below. All board members are volunteers who donate their time to the management of the club in addition paying membership dues.

Each month the Guangzhou Women’s International Club Executive Board holds a meeting to discuss and decide upon all business related to the club. GWIC members are welcome to attend as visitors to observe or get a better understanding of board responsibilities. If you are interested in attending, please contact the Club President.

For more information about the Club organization and its board, please refer to our By-Laws.

GWIC 2018-2019 Board Members
PRESIDENT: Joanne Bisante Sammarco
SECRETARY: Lucy Ellis-Hardy
TREASURERS:  Diana Ng and Luz Maria Marx
MEMBERSHIP: Tracy Stuart and Grace Park
For inquiries on Membership (new or renewing), contact the Membership Coordinators.
NEWCOMERS: Alicia Cecilia Martel and Olga G Schwarz
Are you new to Guangzhou? Contact the Newcomers’ Coordinators for more information.
ACTIVITIES : Stacey Chen and Stella Wong
For inquiries on GWIC sponsored activities and outings, contact the Activities’ Coordinator.
GAZETTE: Neha Sharma and Hannah Trinh
For inquiries on Gazette submissions or contributions (articles, photos, etc) contact the Gazette Editors.
WEBMASTER: Michiko Doi
For all other questions and matters regarding our website, contact the Webmaster.
ADVERTISING:  Roberta Viroli and Leanne Liao
For inquiries on GWIC Gazette and Website advertising contact the Advertising Coordinator.
CHARITY: Sol Taucanea Bernal and Leena Somaiya
For inquires on Charity activities, donations or similar, contact Charity Liaison Services.
COMMERCIAL DISCOUNTS: Joyce Lee Yee Cheng and Maggie Melkonian
For inquiries on arranging a discount to our large member base, contact the Discount Coordinators.
HOSPITALITY: Nadia Jhunjhnuwala and Tania Walla
For inquiries regarding GWIC Coffees, Teas, or Monthly Luncheons, contact the Hospitality Coordinators.
COMMUNITY RELATIONS: Brigitte Perez-Reeves and Anita Feng