Contact Us

Please feel free to contact any of our board members with questions or concerns. Thank you.

PRESIDENT: Olga G Schwarz


VICE-PRESIDENT: Brigitte Perez-Reeves


SECRETARY: Rhonda Starghill


TREASURERS:  Diana Ng and Dr. Sumitra Ghosh


MEMBERSHIP: Leanne Liao and Sally Zhu
For inquiries on Membership (new or renewing), contact the Membership Coordinators.


NEWCOMERS: Sara Jaaksola Ya Xuefang and Katia Corp
Are you new to Guangzhou? Contact the Newcomers’ Coordinators for more information.


ACTIVITIES : Stacey Chen and Stella Wong
For inquiries on GWIC sponsored activities and outings, contact the Activities’ Coordinator.


GAZETTE: Neha Sharma, Hannah Trinh and Emma Leaning
For inquiries on Gazette submissions or contributions (articles, photos, etc) contact the Gazette Editors.


WEBMASTER: Mika Matlhako and Deepa Ghatge
For all other questions and matters regarding our website, contact the Webmaster.


ADVERTISING:  Maria C. Calviat and Claire Dowell
For inquiries on GWIC Gazette and Website advertising contact the Advertising Coordinator.


CHARITY: Sol Taucanea Bernal and Leena Somaiya
For inquires on Charity activities, donations or similar, contact Charity Liaison Services.


COMMERCIAL DISCOUNTS: Joyce Lee Yee Cheng and Jane Laberer
For inquiries on arranging a discount to our large member base, contact the Discount Coordinators.


HOSPITALITY: Maria Rosa Lourens and Vidhi Devnani
For inquiries regarding GWIC Coffees, Teas, or Monthly Luncheons, contact the Hospitality Coordinators.


COMMUNITY RELATIONS: Angel Benson and Grace Ren