Contact Us

Please feel free to contact any of our board members with questions or concerns. Thank you.

PRESIDENT: Sonal Verdia
VICE-PRESIDENT: Joanne Sammarco
SECRETARY: Celia Patricia Valdes Demesa
MEMBERSHIP: Lynda Sachdev
For inquiries on Membership (new or renewing), contact the Membership Coordinators.
NEWCOMERS: Jinju Kil and Brigitte Perez Reeves
Are you new to Guangzhou? Contact the Newcomers’ Coordinators for more information.
ACTIVITIES : Aline Specht
For inquiries on GWIC sponsored activities and outings, contact the Activities’ Coordinator.
GAZETTE: Lucy Ellis-Hardy and Sandrine Hurabielle
For inquiries on Gazette submissions or contributions (articles, photos, etc) contact the Gazette Editors.
For all other questions and matters regarding our website, contact the Webmaster.
ADVERTISING:  Celine Gamot and Refiloe Mpakanyane
For inquiries on GWIC Gazette and Website advertising contact the Advertising Coordinator.
CHARITY: Joyce Lee Yee Cheng and Sol Taucanea Bernal
For inquires on Charity activities, donations or similar, contact Charity Liaison Services.
DISCOUNTS: Solrun Bard and Annukka Kainulainen
For inquiries on arranging a discount to our large member base, contact the Discount Coordinators.
HOSPITALITY: Nadia Jhunjhnuwala and Tania Walla
For inquiries regarding GWIC Coffees, Teas, or Monthly Luncheons, contact the Hospitality Coordinators.