Article Submission Guide

The GWIC Gazette is a medium to entertain, inform and sometimes challenge our members and readers.  Contributions can be on any subject. For example: travel, environment, health, lifestyle, poems, advice or short stories. Alternatively submissions can be artwork (e.g. photography, handicrafts or paintings) or cooking recipes. If your contribution meets GWIC objectives then it can be included.

We are always seeking new contributions, suggestions and ideas so please contact our Gazette Editors. The contact information is on the inside front cover of the Gazette or here.


Contribution guidelines:

  • Articles to be approximately 300 words to 1,000 words maximum.
  • Articles to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document and in English.  If you are a GWIC member and unable to submit in English, please contact the Editor who can make arrangements for translation.  Visuals and photography to support the article are welcome (files should be hi-resolution JPGs).
  • Author’s credit will be given on Contributor’s page. Please supply 30-50 word overview of yourself and a photograph (preferably a head shot with no hat or sunglasses, in a hi-res JPG file).
  • All submissions must be received by the Gazette team approximately one month before the Gazette is published.
    For example, articles are due on August 31st for the October issue and on January 30th for the March issue.
  • To avoid disappointment of inclusion in a particular issue, please contact the Gazette Editor at least one week before the material deadline.