The following activities are available to all Guangzhou Women’s International Club (GWIC) members, please contact the relevant coordinators below or check your monthly gazette for more information. If there is an activity you would like to coordinate please Contact Us. (Updated on Nov. 22nd)


Morning Coffee Every first Thursday of the month with some exceptions around major holiday times (due to majority of members’ travel plans) from 9:00-11:00am at Grand Hyatt Hotel.  Click here for more details.

Afternoon  Tea Every third Wednesday of the month with some exceptions around major holiday times (due to majority of members’ travel plans) from 2:00pm-4:00pm at Hilton Tianhe Hotel.  Click here for more details.

Monthly Meet & Greet Provided for all brand new arrivals to Guangzhou.  Our Newcomer Coordinators host a casual chance to meet in a more private setting. Click here for more details.




If you want to play Mahjong contact us. Beginners welcome.

Culture club

Since GWIC members come from all the ethnic backgrounds we created a space to meet and share knowledge of traditions and customs not only from our host country but from our home country.


Chinese Language Club

Gather for a useful and fun Chinese lesson taught by Sara. In the club, we can learn Mandarin and share our experiences in learning this fascinating language. Our aim is to build a bridge between cultures through learning Chinese.

Language Exchange

Meditation Club

Our purpose is to relax our mind and body, enjoy everything we do, live in the present moment, giving a meaning and purpose to life. There will be many inspirational talks and life coaching sessions. It would be a gift to yourself to have an experience by being a part of our club.


GWIC Biking Club

Love to enjoy the nice weather! explore Guangzhou and enjoy its beautiful scenery with easy body workout- join our Bicycle Club where we leisurely ride around town with friends. The favorite destinations will be along the Pearl River Promenade, Ersha Island, Luhu Lake, Shamian Island and Baiyun Mountain. Every Wednesday starting from W hotel, Zhujiang New Town. Sometimes starting point will change according to the route for the day, which will be updated every Monday.



Art group

We will explore different types of art media and techniques, meet local and foreign artists as well as visit galleries and museums.


Explore Guangzhou Walking Group

This is a casual club whereby we explore Guangzhou ‘without a plan’.



Evening event for GWIC members.


Craft Group

If you enjoy craftwork, our group is for you. Bring whatever you’re working on and join us. Everyone is welcome!


GWIC Can Cook

Cooking class where professional chefs demonstrate how to make a four-course menu, every month we have a different topic. Lunch with what was prepared in the menu after the class.


Book Club

For each month, a book title is selected in advance.




Enjoy some salsa dancing!



Eco club


Playgroup 0-3

This is a great friendly group for mothers and their babies or toddlers (0-3 years). Mothers can talk and share their knowledge and experiences. It’s an opportunity for you and your children to socialize with other parents and children.


Playgroup 3-6

This group is for children between 3-6 years and their parents. Play is important for growing children. Group play can help build good social skills. The group also gives parents time to socialize and exchange information. The group arranges Art & Crafts and Sports classes for the children, along with Parent daytime activities.

Super Kids 6-15



Fancy a game of tennis? Fun gathering! Beginners are welcome.


Yoga Club

Yoga for begginers or intermediates Yoga Club will help you Yoga for beginners or intermediates Yoga Club will help you learn breathing techniques for relaxation, increase balance, strength and flexibility, foster a positive mind body connection and reduce stress.