Afternoon Tea

Updated January 14th, 2019


GWIC holds an Afternoon Tea from 14:00-16:00 every 3rd Wednesday of each month. This social event allows you to meet other GWIC members to make connections, friends, exchange stories and tips.

Reservations are not required.

Venue: Four Seasons Hotel, Caffe Mondo 72nd floor

When: Third Wednesday of every month

Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Cost: Platinum Member – No Fee

Classic Member – 70 RMB

Guest –130 RMB

Children –12+/130 RMB, 6 – 11/60 RMB, 0 – 6/Free

  • Telephone: +86-20-66839999
  • English Address: O.215 LINHE XI HENG ROAD TIANHE, GUANGZHOU, 510500, CHINA
  • Chinese Address: 广州天河区林和西横路215号

Cost:  All GWIC Members are required to present their Membership Card at every Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea. Those who do not will be required to pay an entrance fee of RMB 130.00 without reimbursement.

Please note this is an adult social event; however, children are welcome as a courtesy to those members who must bring their young children in order to participate. Children must be supervised at all times; ideally mothers should provide an activity for their child. Please refrain from bringing your Ayi/Nanny to these events.  Thank you.