Welcome to GWIC!

GUANGZHOU WOMEN’S INTERNATIONAL CLUB, popularly known as GWIC, has been one of the backbones of Guangzhou women’s expatriate community. Learn more about GWIC’s history, activities, events, membership, clubs, charity, and much more through our newly revamped website.

We had taken pride in its long-standing history that started from way back 1983. Through the years and amidst all the challenges, it has evolved, improved and remained strong, up until the present time.

GWIC is not just “A Friendly Face”; it is also “Creating Friendship Since 1983”. It provides a support system to our GWIC members and their families. It will continue to do so with the help of our very diverse, dynamic, talented, and multi-cultural community of our GWIC members, volunteers, Club Leaders and the GWIC Executive Board. Together and united, we will help and support GWIC to grow, expand and remain relevant for the years to come.



With kind regards,

Maricelle Reyes-Gallo